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Does your business need a mobile app?

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More and more people are buying a variety of things online using their mobile devices - clothes, furniture, books, even food, and drinks. To get all that done, some people use mobile apps and some use mobile web pages. Do you know what the difference is? 1. Mobile web page and mobile app - ...


Best Calendar App For Ipad

Either you want to use it for planning an event or just want to be more organized, calendar apps are very useful and makes our lives easier. Even if an Ipad has already a calendar app installed by default and you can use it just fine, sometimes you need better ones. So if you are looking for the ...


A Texas Mom invented Ignore no more app

A Texas Mom invented Ignore no more app. Sick and tired of son not responding her texts and calls, decided to develop an app that makes her son call her back or call 911. Sharon Standifird is her name and she actually spent several months researching  how to make an app and after meeting an app ...