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Galaxy Note Edge Curved Screen

Galaxy Note Edge Curved Screen is a technology demonstration that Samsung wants to position itself as * innovative * in the smartphone zone. I remember how rumors appeared in the past about Samsung launching a smartphone with a curved screen. To be more specific a series of images appeared with a ...


Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Specs

Samsung hits again and surprises the world and Samsung Galaxy lovers with new Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus. I do not know why, really. We talked about in previous posts about android phones like Droid Turbo and Samsung Galaxy Alpha. While Apple releases one or two new phones every year, and manages to ...


Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing issue

I received a lot of messages from you concerned about Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing issue. This problem appears sometimes just by screen flickering or by flashing a black screen with time and date on Galaxy S4. Occasionally it may cause the phone to crush. I received messages from people ...