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The Rise of Mobile Gaming in India

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Gone are the days of PC gaming and home-based consoles being the choice of gamers. Now, the dominance of both of them is slowly coming to an end and it’s replaced by the booming mobile gaming market. Mobile gaming is now the staple of the gaming market, overtaking PC gaming in revenues for quite a ...


Mobile gaming putting casinos in your pocket

It's no secret that there has been a steep increase in the amount of time that we are spending online these days, whether that is via PCs, laptops, tablets or smart phones. There are a number of factors for this of course, but whether you focus on the increasing availability of public WiFi spots, ...


Online Games for all ages and interests

It has been noticed that the last recession had affected the global economy as a whole. However, the business of digital entertainment is said to not suffer from economic recession and on the other hand has been rising steadily to occupy the top slot. Online games that are easily available these ...


Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best

Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best at this game Smash hit is already one of the most played games on mobile devices.  In this game you have to break the glass blocks and your goals is to reach the farthest distance possible. In this post i am going to teach you how to get better at this ...