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How to transfer data from Iphone to Android

How to transfer data from Iphone to Android ? Even that you want to change your phone and move from iphone to android or just want to transfer your data, you must learn to do it. And you can do that in two ways. // You can do it for FREE , and i wrote about it in my previous post if you ...


Want to move from Iphone to Android ? Useful tips!

Are you tired and bored of your iphone ? You can always move from iphone to android mobile phones.  More and more people are unsatisfied of IOS mobile devices. With many android phones hitting the market, you can move to android mobiles. Even that the apps from IOS are not compatible ...


IOS 7.1 new features released

IOS 7.1 new features released. Apple realeased IOS 7.1 for iphone and ipad with new features     New and better version of IOS was released last week, and after 24 hours was installed on over 5.9% IOS devices in Noth America. This is huge if you ask me.   What new features does IOS ...