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Fixing 4 Common Google Pie Problems

Google Pie Android 9

You have installed Google’s Pie software in your Android phone, but since then, you are noticing small issues which has a common theme with Android updates.  Android 9 has made significant changes, but unfortunately, not all the adjustments are easy to follow. In this article, we will discuss four ...


10 Car Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip

graphic for car safety

Staying safe on the road is not an easy task. Sure, you might have driven thousands of miles without an incident, but that doesn’t mean the next road trip isn’t going to be dangerous. Therefore, in order to boost your car safety, you need to turn to gadgets and habits that could help. Get a dash ...


Big email marketing mistakes to avoid

email graphic

Email marketing is still one of the most prevalent forms of marketing in pretty much every industry, especially as a means of retaining customers and reinforcing your brand.   However, many people find that no matter how killer the campaign is, companies are finding it hard to turn ...


Game of War Fire Age Cheats Hack Tips

Game of War Fire Age is one of the most popular games right now.  This is not just a strategy game, it is a city builder game too because you have to build a city with a great and powerful army at the same time. But since you already are here you must know all about this game and seeking some Game ...


BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks

  BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks Last night while I was playing on my iOS device, I went to Appstore to see what is new on games. And on the third place on top free applications I found this game: BrainWars - The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars, a game created by TRANSLIMA, INC. ...


Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best

Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best at this game Smash hit is already one of the most played games on mobile devices.  In this game you have to break the glass blocks and your goals is to reach the farthest distance possible. In this post i am going to teach you how to get better at this ...